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Erasmus+ , testimonials from their participation in "Life Connection"

Never joined an Erasmus+ project before? It's been a long time since your last participation and you need something to remind you the magic world of Erasmus+ ? Anna, Eleni, Anna, Sotiris and Maria will help you!! Take a look at our participants' testimonials from their participation in "Life Connection" :)



39 participants, 7 countries, 1 life changing experience! 
In September 2016, EN.O GREECE participated –on behalf of Greece- in the Youth Exchange Programme “Life Connection”, that was held within the framework of KA1 of Erasmus+.

The programme was organized by Sfera Denmark and took place in Arresøcentret, Denmark, from the 11th till the 19th of September. The aim of the Organisers was to introduce through “Life Connection”, a whole universe of active citizenship and democratic participation, seeking to develop basic and transversal skills, such as entrepreneurship, digital competences and multilingualism, through an innovative learner-centered pedaLogical approach and certification method.

The programme explored rural, social issues from a green economy standpoint and tried to come up with alternative and sustainable solutions and opportunities for employment and engagement in civil society. Through the use of non-formal and experimental learning methodologies “Life Connection” encouraged participants to explore, highlight and compare the best practices and alternative models existing within their realities, looking beyond purely economic values.

Being an Organisation that promotes the participation of Youth in such important programmes we were more than excited to hear from our delegation (which was consisted of 5 members) that their experience in Life Connection was a life changing experience. For some of them this was their first Erasmus+ experience and their feedback was impressive! They were amazed and thrilled by the place, the accommodation, the organisers, the trainers and the whole organization of the programme! They learned new things, gained new skills and competences and improved the ones they already had, made new friends and came back with a feeling of eagerness for their next participation in an Erasmus+ programme!

We truly believe that the long term of the Organisers, which was focused on the promotion of a new model of society, in which the environment is conceived and experienced as part of the community universe, and not as an external element that needs to be dominated, was totally achieved! Our Youth returned more matured and impatient to help their community and the environment they live in, to help in the dissemination of the results of the programme and of course to get actively involved in the promotion of the impacts of participating in the various opportunities that Erasmus+ offers!


 My experience through the ''Life Connection'' project in Denmark
I'd like to start by saying that this was my first time participating in an Erasmus+ project and my overall view of it is absolutely amazing. Although at first I was quite hesitant it turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life. The location, the people, both the participants and the one's in charge of the program, the things I've learned and so it goes on, will forever stay with me throughout my life. Of course there is no need to say that I would definitely want to participate in another similar program as soon as possible. 
Anna Pietri

Participating in Life Connection Programme was an important experience for me. We learned many useful aspects of all participants' countries and their culture. We exchanged ideas about the improvement of ecological consciousness for all over the world and specifically for each participant's country. We created daily projects about how these ideas can be proposed and be activated in our cities, but also discussed the problems or causes that leaded to planet's pollution at first place. 
Furthermore, The organisation leaders of the programme where really helpful and kind to us all, in addition to the beauty of the place that we stayed (Arresot Centret, Denmark).
Finally, i am really happy that i met new friends during the programme, that I still keep contact and share moments with.
Overall, I believe that such programmes as Life Connection, offer a great opportunity for the participants to socialize with people from other countries, while learning new information and exchange ideas about how to make our planet a better place to live in.
Merianou Anna

The last September I joined an erasmus+ program in Denmark It was the first time i joined this kind of programs and I can say that it was breathtaking. 
I learn new innovative ideas about how to protect the environment and make planet a better place to live. We watched documentaries, we discuss about the environmental problems we deal in our countries, we played games and we visited an eco-friendly village. Furthermore, I gain new friends for seven countries I learn about their cultures, traditions and I tasted some of their traditional foods. I collect unreplaceable moments and every time I am thinking about my trip in Denmark a sweet melancholy comes on my heart and dozens of memories in my mind. In conclusion erasmus+ is a great opportunity for every young person and for this reason I cannot wait to participate in another erasmus+ project.
Maria Agathi

On September (11-19 September 2016) EN.O. Greece participated in another successful Erasmus+ project. A Youth Exchange, “Life Connection”. The topic was green economy and socially excluded youth in rural areas. The location was in Auderod, Denmark. We stayed at a scout activity centre located a stone’s throw from the largest lake of Denmark.
During the project, we visited a refugee camp near our scout activity centre which was operated under the auspices of the Red Cross in Denmark. We had the opportunity to communicate with the lady who is in charge of the camp and discuss with her all the problems they had to overcome and their future plans in order to upgrade it.
Also, we visited an ECO Village. We saw different house constructions, learnt some thinks about agriculture and had a tour all over the village. We talked with the residents about how they came by with the idea of creating an eco-friendly village, how the built their houses and how they used whatever nature gives them in order to remain sustainable.
Our trainer was really awesome and made it easy for us to stay focused and participate actively. Everyone was participating with no exception and everyone’s ideas were heard. It brought us together as a group – like one soul. That’s the way to do great teamwork. The best thing about that project was the fact that it was really interactive. 
During the intercultural nights, we had the chance to learn traditional dances, tasted different kind of food and drinks. 
Kouvela Eleni

One of the most interesting Erasmus+ projects (“Life Connection”) took place in Auderod, Denmark. The project’s theme was about sustainability through the economy and socially excluded youth in rural areas. People for 7 different countries were gathered to share their knowledge and their experiences. We were talking about green economy and recycling in the European countries and designed our own sustainable economic activities. The trainers gave us all the opportunity and the motivation to participate actively in the project. And we visited a refugee camp and an ECO Village. We want to be the change we want to see in the world! 
Dalamagkas Sotirios

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