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“Young Rowers facing sailboats”: a Youth Exchange project that had everything!

A crucial topic, 40 active youngsters from 8 different countries (Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Turkey, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco) and a very special destination: Marrakech (Morocco).

Giannis, Katerina, Maria, Marianna and Petros traveled all the way to Morocco to represent our Organisation in the Youth Exchange “Young Rowers facing sailboats”.

They had the chance to meet other youngsters interested in storytelling, new media, blogs and active citizenship and to explore deeper a common issue between the two shores of the Mediterranean: forced immigration that has unfortunately become a dream of happiness for young Moroccans, Tunisians and Africans in general and a nightmare for some Europeans.

Our Youth experienced the interaction with peers from totally different cultural backgrounds, they experienced the tools and methods of non formal education, they developed their self awareness, they expanded their knowledge and clarified terms, conditions, and ways of contribution for achieving a better society and a better future.


During 7 working days, participants faced different challenges, met new people with different backgrounds and developed new skills. At the end of this learning process, these newly acquired skills were a basic building block for creating opportunities and exploring new opportunities at their local realities. Self-reflection and non-formal education played a key role during the whole project. Using non-formal education tools, participants addressed the topic of forced immigration and human rights.


The objectives of the project were:
- raising the awareness about forced immigration and the creation of a learning space through non-formal education, an open space for sharing, mixed cultures and different environments for participants through innovative tools and creative.
- the use of non-formal education, new media and the sharing of good practices as a tool for raising awareness and preventing forced immigration. 
- the create of an international platform for organizations to share their experiences and the use of art as a tool to raise awareness and prevent illegal immigration. 
- the provision of a better understand of the opportunities of the Erasmus + program and of non-formal education as a way to promote European values of tolerance, understanding and respect for human rights.



As long as we will keep supporting our Youth to take part in this kind of initiatives and the importance of active citizenship and respect to human rights.....there will always be a hope for a peaceful world!

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