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The best way to learn more about a project is to talk with its participants! Participants who play the role of living libraries, since they are the ones who have lived the experience 100%.

So, let's find out what our delegation has to share and spread the world!!

"During the program ‘’Road of Hope’’ which took place in the city of Ommen in Netherlands, from the 7th till the 15th ofMarch, we had the chance not only to broaden our knowledge about issues such as refugees and migrants, but also to develop the feeling of European union among us.


In this program that we participated we were able to come closer to other European nations such as Latvia, Holland, Rumania, Sweden and Italy. With this connection we got to know their traditions, national dances and ever their cuisine.

One more benefit from this program was the enhancement of our English level and other languages too.

One of the most important tools that was used during this project was the non-formal education, with which we were able to trade ideas, experiences and opinions. Through that we improved our communication skills, our knowledge and the ways that we can manage conflicts among people.

Moreover, we developed our feeling of responsibility because we had to undertake and conduct some sessions of the project.

The most crucial element of the program, which imprinted in our minds the most, was the knowledge and the differentiation between definitions like migrants, refugees, IDP’s, asylum seekers, trafficking and smuggling.

Some significant tools in order to come closer and develop our empathy on this subject were the use of videos, interviews, role-play techniques, simulations, etc.

In conclusion, this particular program was a unique experience which contributed, not only to our knowledge about migrants/refugees, but also to the personal development of all participants."

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